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100 Outlaws, Gangsters and Lawmen of Oklahoma

Author: Daniel Anderson and Laurence Yadon
A historical review of gangsters, outlaws and misfits who came through Oklahoma from 1839 to 1939, including such misfits as Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, Machine Gun Kelly and Pretty Boy Floyd. Also included is "Hanging" Judge Parker and other officers of the law, who, although outnumbered, tried to provide some semblance of balance to the chaos.
Publishing Date:May 31, 2007

Full Moon Diary, The

Author: Ron Sharrow
During the author's legal career, he kept a journal of the stupid things people said to him, the bizarre situations they got into, the inflated expectations of damages recoverable for imagined wrongs and the unrealistic perceptions they had of their legal rights. This is a collection of short stories from this journal.
Publishing Date:January 4, 2010

Innocent Man, The

Author: John Grisham
The real life story of Ron Williamson, an Ada, OK baseball hero, who was convicted of murder in a trial filled with lying witnesses and tainted evidence. He came within hours of being put to death before new DNA evidence set him free.
Publishing Date:October 10, 2006

Run of His Life, The

Author: Jeffrey Toobin
The story of the O. J. Simpson case, as told by the author who attended the trial, interviewed prosecutors, defense attorneys and key witnesses, then came to the conclusion that no one wanted to admit, that race was at the heart of everything.
Publishing Date:September 4, 1996
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